A Cozy Sweater on a Rainy Day


What can I say, I love rainy days. I absolutely love them. Growing up in Florida, you get used to down pours. Moving to the West coast though, I’ve found that there aren’t many rainy days here, so whenever there is one I have learned to cherish it. On a rainy day, I fill my time with a good book, a cup of hot coco and soft blanket. I also, even though it may be pouring, like to sit out on the porch (it’s a covered porch) so I can enjoy the sounds and smell of the rain.

We were lucky enough early last week to have a few days of rain. I couldn’t get enough!

This week, things have become much warmer and sunnier. I’ve taken evening strolls with my husband, enjoying the warm air against my skin.

So how has your week been this week? I’d love to hear all about it. As for me, I’ve tackled a few proposals for potential clients, opened up a business bank account (man I feel like a grown up!), grabbed lunch with an old friend, and have caught up on my reading. All in all, it has been a great week and I look forward to what next week has in store.

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