Brunch Diaries: A Visit to Citrus at Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach


Chad and I are obsessed with brunch. I mean we kind of have a problem. We try to go to brunch every weekend, usually on a Saturday morning. We usually go to different places around our neck of the woods here in Lake Forest, but last weekend we decided to check out something new. We ventured off to Newport Beach and tried Citrus, the Fairmont Hotel restaurant.

It has a large open floor plan, which makes it very airy and bright.

For breakfast they offer a slew of different items on their menu, as well as a full buffet. There buffet has everything. Everything from fruit, parfaits, and bacon, to eggs benedict, waffles and bagels. Really anything you can think of they have. It was quite a lovely selection.
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Even though they had a lovely buffet assortment, we decided to order off the menu. First things first, we order a mimosa. (In my opinion, it’s not really brunch unless you grab a mimosa!).
DSC_0291 DSC_0299

I ended up ordering the Health Smart Breakfast and Chad ordered the Homemade corned Beef Hash with a side of bacon.  DSC_0303

As a surprise, the chef brought us out a lovely collection of a strawberry banana smoothie, an almond croissant and a blackberry parfait. The blackberry parfait was to die for! They make their own granola in house so it was crazy fresh. All three items were set on a bed of brown sugar, which added a bit of sweetness to the almond croissant. Delicious!

The strawberry smoothie was creamy and went down easily. The croissant was buttery and had a strong maple taste along with the dusting of powdered sugar and almonds. The parfait was a lovely mixture of yogurt, blackberries, mint and granola. Since the granola was made fresh in house, it really brought the parfait up  another level.


The Health Smart breakfast really hit the spot. I was looking for something fresh, clean and light and that’s exactly what I got with this order. The egg white omelet was filled with so much goodness, including: goat cheese, asparagus, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil pesto. It was topped off with fresh avocado. It also came with a bowl of papaya fruit and strawberries, along with a toasted English muffin. For my English muffin, i smothered it with a Orange Valencia jam, which was sweet and tangy. DSC_0310

Chad’s corned beef hash was brought in a beautiful presentation. The plate was so colorful and the egg and hash were perfectly placed together. Chad ordered his egg over medium. Usuallly when he ordered this type of egg, the egg comes either under or overcooked, it’s never just right. But this time, we were in for a surprise, it came out perfectly. Chad was beyond excited.

The Hash was a mixture of onions, bell peppers, chives and potatoes. He also was given a side of hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce had a strong mustard taste which made it a bit spicy and tangy. It was quite good and complimented the hash very well. I even ended up putting a dollop of the hollandaise sauce on my omelette, which really brought out the flavors of the asparagus and goat cheese. DSC_0314

Brunch was lovely and we were really pleased with our meals. I highly recommend taking the time to visit this establishment because everything was fresh, clean and healthy but also tasty. So if you’re ever in the Newport Beach area, give Citrus a visit.

Now that we’ve gone over our visit, I’d love to tell you a bit more about the restaurant and the chef, just because it was a really neat place.

In addition to their reguler menu, they also offer a lifestyle cuisine plus menu, which is a menu that consists of different options for those with food allergies, heart problems,  diabetes, and is centered around other different dietary needs and diet-dependant requirements.

This menu includes glueten free old fashioned buttermilk pancakes, egg-white frittata, cholesterol free scrambled eggs, house-made strawberry granola and freshly sliced papaya and mango lime fruit cocktail. Sounds pretty good, right?!

Let me tell you a little bit about the chef now. The executive chef is Brian Doherty. He has been the chef at Fairmont since February of 2013. He has more than 18 years of progressive culinary experience, launching his career as a cook at The Fairmont Olympic.

According to Doherty, “I believe that menus should reflect not only their locale but the spirit of the area. I strive to purchase the very best seasonal products, design dishes that reflect the essence of the hotel and present plates in an attractive manner.” You can clearly see this vision through each plate served at Citrus.

If you’re in the area, stop by Citrus, you won’t be disappointed.

This post has been brought to you by Fairmont Hotel and Resort Newport Beach. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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