Channeling Brighter Days this Winter

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A few weeks ago was my best friend’s birthday. We celebrated with a day out on the lake, followed by dinner. The day was filled with great friends and great conversations.

It has been ages since I’ve spent time on the water. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to the beach or the lake for no other reason than to relax and soak up the sun. My visits are usually greeted with a work-related goal in mind.

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A few weekends ago, it was so nice to turn off our phones and simply live in the moment. Enjoying the presence of the people we were with and stopping to truly listen to the stories being shared.

With it being so cold here lately, I’ve been longing for warmer and brighter days, just like the one we shared a few weeks ago.

With spring still a few weeks away, and as impatient as I am for the time for my days to be spent outside, I’ve been trying to find ways to bring the great outdoors inside for a bit while we wait for next season.

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If you’re anything like me, and can’t wait for spring, try these few ideas to hold you over until March 20th rolls around.

  • Fresh Flowers: Sprinkling fresh flowers around the house is was one of my favorite décor accessories. Visiting the local farmers market to pick out the week’s fresh flower assortment of pastel colored beauties is a wonderful way to brighten up your place for a few days.
  • Change your Desktop Photo: I work in an office all day and sometimes it can feel a bit stuffy. To provide a since of calm in a life of busy, I go through a photo rotation of beach waves, flowers and motivational quotes. This site has a great assortment of desktop backgrounds you can choose from.
  • Where Brighter Colors: With it still being winter time, this next tip may go against some popylar trends. I love brightly colored clothing, especially fun skirts and dresses. It’s been a bit dreary with all the grey, black and white attire everyone has been wearing lately. I think it’s perfectly ok to get a head start on spring fashion, so grab your favorite flowery dress, through on a pair of leggings and enjoy!
  • Light Up: Candles are a close second to fresh flowers as being one of my favorite home décor accessories. They smell divine, their different scents can help you get into a variety of different moods, and they can even bring back fond memories. I’m enamored with Yankee Candle’s new Spring collection. I grew up surrounded by Yankee Candle so purchasing these candles for myself is always a bit nostalgic.
  • Get organized: While this tip isn’t necessarily a way to bring the outdoors inside the comfort of your home, it will help you be able to venture outside quicker. At the end of February, beginning of March I always like to get things organized and cleaned as much as possible. Starting the new season fresh and renewed. Having these chores already completed, lends itself to free time to do the things you actually want to do, like making a visit to the beach, or going on a hike.

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There are so many other ways to jumpstart spring and say goodbye to the winter blues. Have you found yourself becoming antsy lately for brighter days?


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