Learning to Cherish the Slow Days in a World of Busy

relaxing in a world of busy

It’s nice to cherish the slow days in a world of busy. I’m a firm believer in lounge around days. They are sorely underrated.

As much as I love going out on the weekends, whether it’s to take a trip to the movies, go for a hike, host a dinner party or attend a comedy show, sometimes I long for a day (or two) with no planned schedule. A clean slate, if you will. Those are the days that can turn into anything. I often find the slower, unplanned days to be my post productive. They are the perfect way to recharge. My soul feels unburdened, my mind becomes clear and my body, well rested.

After a stressful, fast paced and unpredictable week, it is nice to slow things down at week’s end and slip into something comfortable, pants optional.

When I find a weekend that has nothing on the books, I usually fill them with things that I love to do but usually don’t have the time to dedicate to these items as much as I would like. For myself, those things include writing, baking and reading, all from the comfort of my home. Binge watching a show on Netflix is also usually on my list of things to do during these slower days (House of Cards, Season 3 anyone!? That show is addicting!).

relaxing in a world of busy

I think we take the slow days for granted, their even criticized. The argument being that should we conquer each day and fulfill them with as many things as possible. I’ve heard this argument far too many times and couldn’t disagree more. I don’t see lounge around days as wasted days. I think their important, maybe even more important than are days filled with fast-paced adventures. These days help us to find our center, and prepare ourselves to trudge further on our path to success. Whatever that path may be.

Have you ever had a week where everything seemed to go wrong, no matter what you did? Bad days, bad weeks for that matter, happen. It is our responsibility to make the best of them and to power through. This is where lazy days come in to play. They have so much power, giving us so much potential. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts from time to time. Embracing the silence of home to contemplate the events of the week and goals for the next.

The next time you have a rough week, try clearing your weekend schedule and, instead, take time to dive into things you really enjoy and embrace the coziness of your own home. Lounging around really can do wonders. Try it!

relaxing in a world of busy


All photos taken by Alida Bigham. Please head over to her personal website and Flickr to check out more awesome photos!

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