Essentials I Always Have When On the Go


I’ve been on the go a lot recently, which I love. Since I work for myself now, by myself, I have the opportunity to work from anywhere really, which is nice. At first I stuck at home, for no particular reason other than I love wearing sweats and a messy bun, and having the ability to be curled up in a blanket at my computer. Sounds nice, right? It was, it is, but a few weeks ago I began to get a little bored with my surroundings, so I decided to finally venture out.


While the things I bring with me change often, due to if it’s a photoshoot day or not, there’s a few things that I always have with me, no matter what.

  • Mentos: I love me some mentos. You never know when  you may need a little freshen up.
  • Clinique Foundation: My skin is on the oily side so half way through the day my powder foundation rubs up around my T-Zone area, so I keep this compact with me everywhere I go for when that happens.
  • Headphones: When I work, I have to have noise in the background so bringing these babies along allow me to listen to spotify on a loop.
  • Colorful pens, because black pens are boring.
  • My handy dandy notebook for brainstorm sessions, random ideas that come to mind, note taking during meetings and conference calls, etc.
  • My phone. Can’t leave the house without it. I use it to post to Instagram and Snapchat, conference calls, conversations with friends and family throughout the day, track my daily water intake, etc.
  • Sunglasses for those sunny days.
  • My 2-in-1 Power Bank from Accell. This device is a lifesaver, honestly. It allows me to keep my phone and computer charged while on the go. It combines a USB wall charger and a backup battery system, allowing you to dock and charge together or separately. Pretty cool, right?
  • My computer so I can work on blog posts and edit photos.

What do you keep with you when you’re on the go?



This post has been brought to you by Axcell, check them out for more cool products! All opinions expressed here are my own. 

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