Giving Up Some Things to Make Room for Your Passion

Pursuing Your Passions

Hey guys! Boy have I missed all of you; it’s been way too long! I’ve honestly been trying to do anything and everything and have dropped the ball on keeping up with you guys. So how have you been? Life has been pretty crazy over here for me: moved into a house with my husband, left one job and started a new one, have been writing for a few magazines and online publications, planned photoshoots, the list goes on.

I feel like I’ve been going a mile a minute and have barely had time to really enjoy anything. I’ve been on overdrive and have had the “Go Go Go” mentality for the longest time and my body has finally caught up with me. It started screaming at me the other day when I woke up with bad stomach pain which later the doctor told me may be the cause of an ulcer due to high levels of stress. Yikes!

Talk about a wake up call to slow things down. I reflected on my path in life and looked at all the things I’m currently involved in and then evaluated which of those things would help bring me to my end goal of becoming a full time blogger and published author. To my surprise I had a few things on the list that I need to say good bye to. I’ve thought for the longest time that  in order to be successful you must be involved in a lot of different things. I’ve come to realize now that that isn’t true. In fact, when you try to do everything, you’re not able to give 100% in every area, something’s going to fall to the wayside (Like my blogging has). Since blogging is what I’m passionate about as well as writing and inspiring others to lead a healthy and happy life I’ve said good bye to writing for magazines so that I can write for myself. I’ve said no more, to 11 hour work days. And I’ve said yes, to focusing on my own passion: this space.

I want  you guys to know how sorry I am for leaving you hanging this past month in a half or so. Moving forward, I promise to post on a more consistent schedule.

So, I want to hear from you guys. Have any of you experienced this? How did you let go of somethings to make room for what’s really important to you? I’d love to hear your stories!



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  1. Michelle
    September 29, 2015 at 12:41 pm (3 years ago)

    Welcome back! Really sorry to hear of your challenges, but happy to see you getting started on a better path. Love your voice on this blog, and I’m sure this is a very positive step!


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