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So guys, I am so excited about today’s post. As most of you know, I’m a huge book worm. What can I say, I love to read. Anytime, anywhere, I’m always reading.

I want to introduce you to NoteStream, a mobile-reading app. It has categorized notes, with everything from History, science and self discovery to Arts, craft beer, food and wine. This app has information about everything. It’s pretty amazing actually. In addition to their range of notes, they just launched a book club. How exciting is that!? For Christmas they had Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol. Now they have Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations currently released in installments.

I consider myself an avid reader. And I like to think of myself as being one who loves literature. With that said, I must admit, there are a few (ok, maybe several) well known, great pieces of work that I haven’t cracked a peek at yet. For one, lugging around a heavy book everywhere is nonsensical, and two I don’t like reading long books alone. I need to be able to chat with someone about what’s going on. I guess you can consider me as a ‘social reader.’ As one of my new year’s resolutions, I’ve promised myself that I will work my way through a list of great literature. Like Pride and Prejudice, and Great Expectations. With the help of NoteStream I’ll be able to reach my goal, in bite size, snackable installments. It breaks down to about a chapter a week, depending on the book you choose to follow (Right now I’m on Pride and Prejudice. So good!) Going back to the social aspects of reading, and my desire to talk about what I’m reading, NoteStream will be hosting ‘virtual teas’ through what they like to call the virtual Pemberley Tea Room. Through this special meeting space, they will post quizzes, pose various questions about how the reading material and the characters relate to today’s society, etc.How fun is that!? I can’t wait to grab my cup of earl grey and begin discussing the twisted relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth.

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Now I know I’ve talked about the classics alot in this post, but NoteStream will also be releasing a brand new book called iCandidate in the next few weeks. And the book is exclusive to NoteStream!

So what is iCandidate? Well it’s an exciting roller coaster ride of candidates running for president. Through an nontraditional voting system, 8 candidates will have to prove their credibility for President through a series of challenges. Authors David and Michelle Gardner, takes us on an exciting ride and makes us a part of the decision of who will be elected President. For an annual membership fee of just 99 cents, you can play a vital role in determining America’s future. Sign up now to help take America for the people on iVote at a time!


Haven’t downloaded NoteStream yet? You can do so here. Did I mention that the app is completely free!?

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