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fitThe clock hits 6 p.m. Even though the workday has ended, you can’t seem to shake the stresses brought on throughout the day. Maybe you’re struggling with personal issues; you or a loved ones health is in bad shape, you’re worried about being able to pay the rent, you’re hard pressed to hit a deadline, a whole number of things can bring on stress. Can we fight this beast so we can go about our day with a little less tension? While there’s a variety of different ways to calm down the nerves, one of my personal favorites is yoga. It’s a practice that can be done anywhere, anytime and anyone can participate.



In college, I found  yoga to be rather boring. I just didn’t understand it I guess. After giving it a second chance this past year, I gotta say that I have fallen in love with this form of exercise. Yoga is more than a just a workout. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a mindset.

After taking just a few classes, I found myself beginning to look at the world a whole lot differently. I also began to appreciate my mind, body and soul in a whole new way. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself during 60 minutes of silence and meditation while holding a warrior pose.



If you are finding that you carry with you a lot of tension, give yoga a try. It’ll change your life. Let’s explore a few reasons why you should give yoga a chance, if you haven’t already:

  • It Connects You To Your Body: Our bodies are amazing. I mean, they really are. We, sadly, don’t give our bodies enough credit though. Often condemning it for being too fat, too wrinkly, too weak, too tan, too pale, the list goes on. Finding a workout you like, whether it’s yoga or something else, helps you realize all the things your body is capable of handling.
  • It’s Empowering: With poses like cobra, warrior, mermaid, crescent, tree and pigeon king, it’s hard not to feel empowered. Commanding your body to progress into a move, and then succeeding to hold the position for minutes on end will jazz you up to conquer the rest of the day.


  • It Helps Build Community: Yogis stick together. It’s easy to spot a dedicated yogi in a crowd. They’re usually the ones who are centered, who seem to have life figured out and, most importantly, they’re the ones who appear very relaxed. There’s already an understanding built up when a yogi meets their like minded counter part. Classes are something we all look forward to, and a general respect is shared amongst all participants.


  • Clears the Mind: Our minds are flooded, daily, with the sounds of our own worries, our to-do lists, and with the replaying of words said by others (positive or negative). During a typical practice, it’s encouraged to let everything melt away, leaving you with the task of only having to focus on what is asked of your body as it transitions into each pose. Escaping the buzz for a quiet oasis helps to recharge the mind, preparing you for what is yet to come.

IMG_3430Sending positive vibes your way as you venture into your next (or first) yoga practice.


 All photos taken by Alida Bigham. Please head over to her personal website and Flickr to check out more awesome photos!

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