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Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I know Chad and I enjoyed our long weekend. it was filled with lots of pie, movie marathons, (Zoolander anyone?) and a little needlepoint (a new hobby I’m trying).

September and October were slam packed for me and Chad. I was away to Chicago and New York for bridal market and Chad was away at a conference in Seattle. When you add it together, it was a good month or so that we didn’t see each other. When I came back from New York a few weeks ago, we decided to take a trip up to Westlake as a way to reconnect, catch up, and relax.

We decided to stay at the Four Seasons, Westlake Village, and let me tell you, the hotel was gorgeous. It really was. There was art and statues everywhere, the hotel employees were as nice as ever, and the view from our room was amazing.

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They have a great arcade and game room, equiped with pacman and mario games. A ping pong table also resides in the hallway. Game time!


Westlake Village also has a state of the art fitness center, designed for all different kinds of workout needs.

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The scenery around the establishment is gorgeous. The rocks, and flowers helps to create a relaxing oasis. To add to this, they also have a wonderful spa area, equipped with a pool, hot tub, sauna, and a beautiful garden with gazebos and a green house.

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After enjoying a swedish massage and pool time, we decided to ramp up our wine game. We visited their tasting room, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We decided to grab the Semler Estate flight.

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While I enjoyed all wine selections, My favorite was the Semler mourvedre. It had a great fruti flavor with an added pepper bite at the end.


With wine, of course we had to grab a cheese plate. It was a nice selection of brie, swiss and havarti cheeses. With honey and bruschetta.


We headed back to the room after our spa treatment and wine and cheese for a quick break and to change for dinner.

We decided to have dinner at the hotel’s own restaurant called ONYX.

There was so much food to choose from, it was a bit overwhelming. We took the waiters advice and tried the edamame which was seasoned with sea salt and spicy garlic. Delicious!

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We then decided to grab a couple sushi rolls: red dragon and the white dragon.

The white dragon was made with yellowtail, crab, shrimp tempura, and  avocado spizy ponzu aioli. The red dragon was made with spicy tuna, snow crab, shrimp tempura, and house made siracha. Yummy! I think my favorite was the white dragon. The avocado made my taste buds sing.


As our entree, we decided to try a few different things: Wagyu hot stone, and shrimp fried rice. Chad and I had both never had wagyu before. It was so thinly sliced and lightly seasoned. It was my favorite part of the night. It was so fun to cook it on the stone! Chad really enjoyed that part of it.

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Of course we had to grab some wine as well.  We tried a lovely riesling which had notes of fruity flavors like pear and green apple. It was a nice finish to our seasfood for the evening.

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Lastly we grabbed dessert, of course. Who can pass up on dessert!

We decided to try two different desserts: Greeen tea cheesecake and banana spring rolls. The green tea cheesecake was made with black sesame crumbs, topped with raspberry sauce and was accompanied with a scoop of yuzu sorbet. The sorbet was minty, making it a refreshing after note.

The banana spring rolls were my favorite! It was spring rolls stuffed with hot banana slices and topped with powdered sugar. The sauces brought with them included pumpkin anglaise, cranberrry and caramel sauce. The caramel sauce was my favorite!

The trip to Westlake was wonderful. It was so nice to reconnect with my husband and it was great that we had the opportunity to try new foods and to relax in a beautiful hotel.

To book your stay, visit their website. I highly recommend it!e4t

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