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Photography has been an interest of mine for a long time, but I’m ashamed to admit that for the longest time I had never put this interest into practice. I guess it boils down to filling my time with other things, and, I must say, I’m also a bit lazy when it comes to learning something new. (Anyone else have that problem?)

I’ve been a long time fan of the blog, A Beautiful Mess. It’s a lifestyle blog that dedicates a portion of its time to photography where they provide tips, inspiration and photo prompts. While I’ve read this blog for a few years now, I hadn’t actually picked up a camera until last November or so to give a few of their ideas a try. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with  capturing things that happened in my day to day life. Ever since then it has encouraged me to tap into my creative side on a daily basis.


After talking my husband’s ear off about how much I wanted a DSLR, I was beyond excited to open a package on Christmas morning to find this amazing Nikon nestled inside. (Thanks baby!) My goal for 2015 is to take this baby out and shoot something new every week. We’re in February already, and I’m happy to say that I’m sticking to my goal quite nicely. To help get the creative juices flowing a bit, I purchased ABM’s new Life in 52 Weeks e-course. So far, it has been so much fun. I’m only on week one, but it’s great. I’m going to share some of my images on Instagram each week, as well as a round up of posts on the blog. I encourage everyone to join me! And if you do, please feel free to share your photos with me. I’d love to check out your pieces. 🙂



Do you have an interest in a new hobby but haven’t made time yet to give it a try? Make 2015 the year that you try something new. Here’s Five reasons why you should and why you’ll be glad once you do:

  1. Elevate the Everyday: Are you feeling like a hamster on a workout wheel? Going through life in a stationary position, not fully enjoying the things this world has to offer? I think we are all guilty, at times, to get bogged down with our everyday tasks and chores,  unable to break away from the routines we have become accustomed to. Making the decision to finally act on your interests will make all the difference. When you finally find something you’re passionate about, you’re excited to learn more about, you’ll find yourself unable to stop thinking about it and your boring routine habits will be broken. You’ll start exploring new avenues, you may join a club with people with interests like your own, you may go out more in the name of your new hobby. The possibilities are endless. As for myself, I used to wake up, take an hour or two at the gym, get ready for the work day, spend 8 or so hours at work, come home and cook dinner, and then binge watch Netflix with the husband until bed time. Talk about boring! Now that I have taken up photography my routine has massively changed. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest searching for photo inspiration, I go out on evening walks to shoot the sunsetting, I read photography books, I write ideas down in my journal, I try and capture our cat’s many shenanigans (To his dismay, I might add. Haha He’s not a fan of the camera), the list is truly endless. Doesn’t this sound more exciting? Trust me, once you find a new hobby your days will be more enjoyable and unpredictable.
  2. A Resume and Portfolio Booster: Picking up a new hobby offers the potential of lending new skills to your resume. Before now, I had no idea how to use a DSLR, let a lone a point-and-shoot. Embarrassing, right? I didn’t know anything about composition, positioning, photo color coordination, and was a real lackey when it came to Gimp. While I’m byno means a pro, I can at least say that I have some experience in the field and I understand how things work. While these skills are extremely basic, it’s still better than not having anything to offer in this realm at all.
  3. You’ll Be Happier: Exploring a new side of yourself is always fun and exciting. It’s hard not to wear a smile when you’re enjoying yourself. Ever since I found this new hobby I feel much happy because I’m really excited to come home afterwork and fiddle with my camera.
  4. New Hobbies are Great Conversation Starters: I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find my conservations with friends and family a bit stale at times. We’re stuck talking about the same things, and often repeat conversations. When you pick up something new, you have new things to discuss. Which is a good thing for everyone involved.
  5. Ignites Creativity: Learning new things, can help you tap into different parts of your brains, helping you pull the creative side of yourself, that you may not have known you had before. This ignited creativity can lend itself, not only to your new hobby, but to all aspects of your life. You’ll find your work, love life and friendships become more exciting because you have new things to bring to the table.



Ok, so after reviewing the above, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from putting a pause on Netflix and instead, exploring something you always wanted to. Is it writing, painting, hiking? Have you wanted to take cooking classes? Do it! And do it now! I have faith in you and know that you can do anything you set your mind to. Have fun and make sure to share your hobbies with me on Instagram with the hashtag #SASTriesSomethingNew.



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